About Dogo

Photo: daishin stephenson

I'm from Maryhill, Glasgow, and I've practiced Zen Buddhism for three decades. I lived in the USA for 22 years, and served for six years as the Abbot of The Sitting Frog Zen Centre in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved back to Glasgow in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump, and I once again live in Maryhill. I'm married to daishin. She and I also post on a group blog, Stone, River, Mountain, along with our Dharma brother Jikan. The three of us are usually to be found at the weekly online City Cave Zen meeting.

To me, Zen practice is about meeting life as it is. When we attach to a problem, we make the problem worse. When we attach to a solution, we make the problem worse.

I'm also an author and journalist, under the pen name Barry Graham. My books on Zen practice are Kill Your Self: Life After Ego and Nothing Extra: Notes on the Zen Life.

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