dogo graham standing with hands in gassho beside graffiti of the word zen and a sticker of an enso Photo: daishin

My name is Dogo. I'm from Maryhill, Glasgow, and I've practiced Zen Buddhism for three decades. I lived in the US for 22 years, and served for six years as the Abbot of The Sitting Frog Zen Centre in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved back to Glasgow in 2017, following the election of Donald Trump, and I once again live in Maryhill. I'm married to daishin.

To me, Zen practice is about meeting life as it is. When we attach to a problem, we make the problem worse. When we attach to a solution, we make the problem worse.

I'm also an author and poet, under the pen name Barry Graham. My books on Zen practice are Kill Your Self: Life After Ego and Nothing Extra: Notes on the Zen Life. My poems are published regularly on Buddhistdoor.

I’m Scottish, not British.

I’m also on Mastodon, and on Piconic. Not on Fcbk or Twttr.

Got a question about Zen practice? You're welcome to email me.

Hanko stamp, kanji for Dogo Nanshin Sensei

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