August 2: Ra Buddha’s Four Noble Truths Fur Glaswegians

July 31: Suffering, and the End of Suffering

June 11: A Prayer for All Who Are Sick

May 12: Walking Meditation Outdoors in Glasgow

April 30: Free Won’t

April 10: I and I and Jacques Lacan

March 24: Thinking, Or Thoughts?

February 26: The Koan as Public Case

January 25: Robert Burns: Scottish Zen

January 14: An Attachment


December 22: Poems on Buddhistdoor Teahouse

October 5: The People We Have Been

September 30: Palm of the Hand Teachings #5

September 6: Don't Judge Your Meditation

August 20: French Translation of Kill Your Self Published Today

August 18: Zen: When the Usual Solutions Don't Apply

August 9: Zen, Poetry and Death

July 25: Palm of the Hand Teachings #4

July 5: Silence Needs No Adjectives

June 29: The Vanity of Self-Hatred

June 27: Palm of the Hand Teachings #3

June 13: Gratitude: Silent Recitation for Falling Asleep

June 5: Palm of the Hand Teachings #2

June 4: Translation of The Kannon Sutra (Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo)

June 1: Palm of the Hand Teachings #1

May 26: Environmentally Responsible Zen Practice

May 9: Three Monks Writing

May 4: Online Zendo off to a Good Start

May 2: Online Zen Practice Starts Sunday, May 3

April 13: Practice Zen With Us Online

April 13: A Better Ambition

April 13: Declining Ownership of the Ego

April 13: Zen: Showing Up for Work

April 12: How to Do Zen Meditation

April 12: Against Humanism

April 12: Zen Practice: a Place in the Cave for Everyone

April 12: Why Buddhist Teachers Must Be Open About Their Mental Health

April 12: Reading Yourself as a Map

April 12: The Antidote for Hate

April 12: The Karma of Loneliness

April 12: Leave Your Relationship

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